At Plum Street Advisors, we want
to help you protect yourself
from credit fraud.

Freezing your credit is one of the ways

we recommend to keep your finances secure.

Do I have to pay to freeze my credit at the 3 credit agencies?

No, as of September 2018 freezing your credit is federally regulated and free. Don’t confuse freezes with locks or alerts, which are paid services provided by the three credit agencies.

How can I access my credit report if I place a freeze?

You can still access your credit report and history, as can all your current creditors. Only potential new creditors are denied access, thus ensuring no one can open unauthorized new accounts and preventing identity theft.

How quickly is my credit frozen once I place the request online or by telephone?

The agencies are required to freeze the credit within one business day.

How quickly can I unfreeze, or “thaw”, my credit?

All three credit agencies claim the unfreezing is immediate, but all also recommend leaving an hour or so just to be sure everything goes smoothly.

Can I unfreeze my credit for a specified period of time?

Depending on the agency, you may unfreeze your credit for a specified period of time or you may leave it open ended.

A credit freeze is only one layer of your financial security. For more information on how to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft, watch our informational session:

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