Ksenia Trikoz

Ksenia Trikoz

Financial Advisor

Before joining Plum Street Advisors, I worked as an Operations Analyst, first at Goldman Sachs & Company and then at MIT Investment Management Company. I have extensive experience in building financial models and analyzing data. I’ve also been an entrepreneur, establishing and marketing small businesses. I bring my experience in consulting and working with financial models to help clients translate their life goals into specific investment objectives.

I appreciate Plum Street Advisors’ ethical approach to investment management. We want to be financial advocates for our clients – helping to navigate decisions across their financial lives from the perspective of a client partner, not selling products or earning commissions. Our work is both complex and straightforward.  It is complex in the design of the financial models – proprietary systems that I enjoy continuously improving – but straightforward in the investment approach, which focuses on diversification, cost-efficiency, and long-term strategic allocation.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Financial Engineering from Cornell University, and a Bachelor of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  I live in Ithaca, NY and I am also a part-time professional photographer.


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